Improved guide RNA and Protein Design for CasX-based Gene Editing Platform

Tech ID: 32199 / UC Case 2021-064-0

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European Patent Office Published Application 4256045 A0 10/11/2023 2021-064

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Brief Description

The inventors have developed two new CasX gene-editing platforms (DpbCasXv2 and PlmCasXv2) through rationale structural engineering of the CasX protein and gRNA, which yield improved in vitro and in vivo behaviors. These platforms dramatically increase DNA cleavage activity and can be used as the basis for further improving CasX tools.

The RNA-guided CRISPR-associated (Cas) protein CasX has been reported as a fundamentally distinct, RNA-guided platform compared to Cas9 and Cpf1. Structural studies revealed structural differences within the nucleotide-binding loops of CasX, with a compact protein size less than 1,000 amino acids, and guide RNA (gRNA) scaffold stem. These structural differences affect the active ternary complex assembly, leading to different in vivo and in vitro behaviors of these two enzymes.

Suggested uses

Research and applications related to gene editing.


Improved in vitro and in vivo behaviors of CasX and guide RNA.

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  • Doudna, Jennifer A.

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