High Resolution Metrology Of Large Area Graphene Sheets And Methods Of Making And Using Thereof

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United States Of America Issued Patent 9,464,990 10/11/2016 2011-876

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High throughput scaling of the production and characterization of graphene represents a significant requirement to exploit the exceptional electrical, optical and mechanical properties of graphene. Layer thickness and uniformity of the graphene are important parameters that affect the performance and properties of the sample. Raman microscopy, Atomic Force microscopy or color contrast methods are typically used to characterize graphene. Microscopic methods are slow and are limited to smaller regions. Color contrast methods typically require frequent calibration and are dependent on the substrate. Fluorescence Quenching Microscopy (FQM) is a promising method that is fast, substrate independent and equipment is widely available.

Current Invention

Prof. Cengiz Ozkan and his research team at UCR have a patented invention that advances the capabilities of FQM – in identifying and counting large scale graphene layers.

Schematic of  method


The significance of this discovery is:

  • High throughput method for counting and measuring the uniformity of graphene layers.
  • Does not require additional calibration.
  • Allows for full automation.
  • Can be applied to layers in a large area and is substrate agnostic.
  • Consistent, repeatable and flexible technique.

Suggested uses

  • Energy storage including rechargeable lithium batteries and supercapacitors.
  • Photovoltaics or solar cells.
  • Semiconductor devices.
  • Thermal heat sinks

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