Selective Deposition Of Diamond In Thermal Vias

Tech ID: 30129 / UC Case 2015-453-0


UCLA researchers in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering have developed a new method of diamond deposition in integrated circuit vias for thermal dissipation.


Modern integrated circuits (IC) are typically fabricated by growing layers of semiconductors on a substrate.  This growing method, epitaxial fabrication, has enabled tighter packing of chip components and the implementation of complex circuits.  These advancements have allowed higher-frequency chips reaching the GHz range.  However, as chips become more crowded and complex, heat dissipation becomes an issue.  Raised temperatures may not only reduce component performance, but its lifetime and reliability as well.  Due to the desirable thermal and electrical properties of diamond, it has been proposed for coating the inner surfaces of vias (conducting paths between IC layers) to transfer heat from conductors to the substrate.  However, both large and small vias require selective coating methods to avoid wafer bowing and breakage. A reliable method to coat vias with diamond can drastically boost the performance of densely packed integrated circuits.


UCLA researchers have developed a novel fabrication method that enables selective deposition of diamonds in thermal IC vias.  A key point of innovation is this method's selectivity, allowing manufacturers to tailor deposition properties based on the size of a via.  Additionally, diamond deposition only occurs within the via, eliminating wasted diamond on planar surfaces that would need to be removed afterward.  This method ultimately enables higher-performing IC's while minimizing mechanical defects such as bowing and breakage due to thermal coefficient mismatches as well as wasted bulk material.


  • IC design and manufacturing
  • High power applications
  • Miniature systems such as handheld devices and autonomous systems


  • Selective process enables targeting of small or large vias
  • Avoids undesirable IC mechanical bending and breaking
  • Efficient and targeted process with minimal bulk material wastage

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
Japan Issued Patent 6345247 06/01/2018 2015-453
Taiwan Issued Patent I552193 10/01/2016 2015-453
United States Of America Issued Patent 9,196,703 11/24/2015 2015-453
Republic Of Korea (South Korea) Published Application 10-2015-0044489 04/25/2016 2015-453

Additional Patent Pending


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  • Goorsky, Mark S.

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