4-N-Derivatized Sialic Acids and Related Sialosides

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Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed advanced compounds targeting neuraminidase activity to combat viral infections and understand cellular mechanisms.

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This technology encompasses the synthesis of sialic acid (Sia) derivatives designed for the inhibition of neuraminidases, crucial in the pathogenesis of viral infections and several cellular processes. These compounds, including pharmaceutically acceptable salts, are based on specific structural formulas that allow for targeted interaction with neuraminidases, offering potential therapeutic and research applications.


  • Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of viral infections. 
  • Biomedical research tools for studying cellular processes and viral mechanisms. 
  • Diagnostic kits for neuraminidase activity and influenza virus detection.


  • Targeted inhibition of neuraminidase activity. 
  • Potential to interfere with viral infections, including influenza. 
  • Can be used in research to purify neuraminidases or detect their presence. 
  • Offers a platform for further exploration of sialic acid's biological roles. 
  • Addresses challenges in synthetically producing biologically relevant sialic acids. 
  • Reduces difficulty in studying and targeting neuraminidase-related processes. 
  • Provides for lack of specific inhibitors for neuraminidase in biomedical research and therapy.

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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  • Chen, Xi
  • Yu, Hai
  • Yuan, Yue

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infectious disease, Influenza A, influenza virus, influenza virus neuraminidase, influenza virus neuraminidase substrate, inhibitors & probes, influenza virus vaccine

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