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Novel Enzymes Enabling Microbial Fermentation of Sugar into Long Chain Alcohols

A novel group of enzymes with the potential to facilitate production of energy dense alcohols has been discovered for use in biofuel and chemical production.

Automated Strawberry Capping Machine

Commercially viable automated strawberry capping system, which allows for high-speed orientation and removal of leaves and stems from strawberries (“capping”) using a unique roller/conveyor system and computer vision software.

Antibodies for the Detection of Toxoplasma Gondii Oocysts

Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed the first monoclonal antibodies that recognize, bind to, and can be used to concentrate oocysts of Toxoplasma gondii.

Manufacturing of Tungsten Scandate Nano-Composite Powder via Sol-Gel Method for High Current Density and Long-Life Cathodes

The researchers at University of California, Davis have developed a new process for manufacturing tungsten scandate nano-composite powder that produces high current density and long-life cathodes for high-power terahertz vacuum electron devices. Scandate tungsten nano-composite cathodes enable advancement of microwave sources that bridge the "Terahertz gap."

Multi-Channel Microfluidic Piezoelectric Impact Printer

High-throughput, automated, large-scale microarray format assay in a short time frame and at low cost.

Method and Apparatus for Preventing Biofouling of Aquatic Sensors

Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed a system to prevent biofouling of dissolved oxygen (DO) and other aquatic sensors using an in-line ultrasonic device.

Pediatric Resuscitation and Ventilation Monitor

Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed a pediatric resuscitation monitor that allows for proper ventilation rate and tidal volume based on a patient’s age and height. This system will help first responders and emergency physicians provide optimal ventilation to pediatric patients during emergency resuscitation.

Methods for Selecting and Identifying Cancer Stem Cells

Methods for identifying, selecting, and isolating leukemia stem cells from a biological sample or a cell culture sample using fluorescent tagged metabolites.