Multi-Wavelength, Laser Array

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Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed a multi-wavelength, laser array that generates more precise wavelengths than current technologies. The array also delivers narrow linewidths and can operate athermally.

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High-traffic telecom and data communications applications benefit from narrow-spectral linewidth and low-noise laser operations. However, many current technologies lack these characteristics to the degree desired by industry. Wide linewidths and imprecise wavelengths can create operational inefficiencies. Many current system configurations also have specific operational temperature ranges, and require the use of multiple control loops – increasing both equipment needs and associated costs.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis have designed a multi-wavelength, laser array that can deliver more precise wavelengths and narrow linewidths. This technology can produce wavelengths spaced at precise frequency spacing with either one or no control loop. It also eliminates the need to control each wavelength individually. The narrow linewidth allows optimized laser power and lowers the noise of the signal. Additionally, since the optical wavelength de-multiplexer and the optical resonator can be produced from the same material, they will always operate at the same wavelength, even if temperature variations vary that wavelength. The use of an athermal waveguide thus allows for temperature-independent operation.


  •         Accurate and stable, multi-wavelength, laser array
  •         High-traffic telecom and data communications


  •         More accurate and stable, multi-wavelength, laser output
  •         Narrow spectral linewidth optimizes power output of the signal
  •         Precise and low-noise wavelength
  •         Possible athermal/uncooled operation
  •         Eliminates the need for individual wavelength control and – in some cases – distributed feedback structures
  •         Manufactured via lower-cost and less-complicated processes than current technologies

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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  • Yoo, S.J. Ben

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Lases, Athermal, Denoising, De-multiplexer, Array

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