A Video Based Hierarchical Vehicle Classification System

Tech ID: 25252 / UC Case 2011-369-2

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United States Of America Issued Patent 9,239,955 01/19/2016 2011-369


Brief Description


Transportation and vehicle classification systems are becoming smarter and more automated. For example, electronic toll collection systems have been introduced and drivers are not required to stop, eliminating road delays. New technologies have also been added to these systems that enable service providers to acquire data on what type of vehicles are utilizing their amenities as well as vehicle identification for safety & control purposes.


Brief Description:

UCR Researchers have developed a method and system for vehicle classification using video imaging. This novel invention entails a vehicle ground clearance measurement system along with a video camera that captures a travelling vehicle and categorizes it into a vehicle class. The cameras on current methods and systems rely on side views of the vehicle, which can easily be obstructed by other vehicles.


  • Classifies vehicles into one of six classes: sedans, pickups, minivans, SUVs, buses and trucks
  • Camera imaging of the rear end of vehicles for a more accurate classification

Suggested uses

  • Vehicle identification readers for toll roads – provides information on the type of vehicles that are using the tolls as well as an added security measure for violators
  • Substitute parking attendants – automatic classification of vehicle for parking entrance & exit payment systems
  • Other safety and control system products


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vehicle classification system, vehicle identification, electronic toll system, automated classification system, ground clearance measurement, vehicle class, vehicle information, automatic parking payment system

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