Anti-microbial, Immune-modulating, Naturally-derived Adjunctive Therapies

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Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed adjunctive therapies applicable to multiple types of infectious conditions. These therapies – derived from compounds found in natural herbs - also have potential prophylactic efficacy.

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Increased human and veterinary antibiotic resistance has become a major global health concern. Researchers know that many species – including mammals – have genes that encode small peptides that possess broad-spectrum, anti-microbial properties effective against multiple types of pathogens.

Researchers at the University of California Davis have developed a strategy that applies compounds derived from natural herbs to upregulate the endogenous expression of antimicrobial peptides. These peptides then prove effective against bacterial, fungal and viral infections. This anti-microbial approach can be used as a topical medication, can be impregnated into contact lenses, deployed as a nebulizer for respiratory infections and offers new treatment options for chronic wounds caused by conditions such as diabetes and chronic venous ulcers.


  • Broad range anti-microbial activity 
  • Treatment of respiratory infections 
  • Diabetic and ulcerated wounds 
  • Potential use in septicemia


  • Endogenous expression of innate antimicrobial peptides using natural molecules
  • Modulates both innate and adaptive immunity 
  • Therapeutically efficacious in antibiotic-resistant individuals 
  • Potentially effective both as a prophylactic and therapy against multiple, microbial-based conditions - including bacterial, viral and fungal diseases

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Published Application 20230069586 03/02/2023 2020-520


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  • Leonard, Brian
  • Murphy, Christopher J.

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Anti-microbial Resistance, Adjunctive Therapy, Natural Compounds, Immunity, Therapeutic

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