High-Efficiency One-Cell-One-Bead Encapsulation In Droplets

Tech ID: 28769 / UC Case 2017-803-0

Brief Description

A high-efficiency single-cell droplet encapsulation method to improve single cell pharmacological assay throughput.

Full Description


  • Cell and bead droplet encapsulation is common technique used in heterogeneous single cell pharmacology assays probing genomics, and proteomics.
  • Current solutions for one bead-one cell encapsulation are based on random encapsulation dictated by Poisson statistics.


  • Low (0.1%) efficiency of one bead-one cell droplet encapsulation limits droplet sequencing and heterogeneous assays throughput


  • Increased one bead-one cell encapsulation efficiency (> 300 times current techniques) utilizing a controllable hydrodynamic vortices microfluidic platform

Suggested uses

  • Increased throughput of genome-wide expression profiles for individuals cells
  • High efficiency one-bead-one cell encapsulation for droplet based heterogeneous single cell assays


  • Improved cell-bead encapsulation throughput for droplet sequencing applications of single cell genomics and proteomics
  • Improving the encapsulation efficiency of droplet containing a single cell and a single bead compared to encapsulation of either component individually.

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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