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Multi-Tone Continuous Wave LIDAR

Object detection and ranging is a fundamental task for several applications such as autonomous vehicles, atmospheric observations, 3D imaging, topography and mapping. UCI researchers have developed a light detection and ranging (LIDAR) system which makes use of frequency modulated continuous waves (FMCW) with several simultaneous radiofrequency tones for improved speed of measurement while maintaining robust spatial information. 

Wideband Distributed Mixers

This technology is a simple, novel ultra wideband distributed complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor mixer, which incorporates on-chip distributed transmission line. A wideband distributed mixer is capable of operation over a wide range of frequencies, and can carry large amounts data up to 250 feet, which makes it attractive for military and law-enforcement use.

Librando: Transparent Code Randomization For Just-In-Time Compilers

Just-in-time compilation is a method of executing computer code which, while boasting superior execution times, is prone to security exploits. UCI researchers have developed librando, a software framework for increasing security for just-in-time compilers, ensuring that generated program code is not predictable to an attacker.

Decentralized Charging Protocol for Plug-in Electric Vehicles

Plug-in vehicles (PEVs) have drawn interest from government, automakers, and the public due to potential for reduced environmental impact. UCI researchers have developed a decentralized charging protocol for PEVs that results in improved stability in power grid demand.

Quanttitative Image Anlyzer Of THC Colorimetric Assays

The inventors describe a quick and convenient assay to quantitatively measure the primary psychoactive ingredient of marijuana from human saliva.

Optical Coherence Tomography To View Assess And Count Hair Follicles

The invention is a portable imaging system for assessing the condition of hair loss. Optical coherence technology is adopted to provide an accurate, wide view and fast imaging solution. The system provides precise insight on the health of the hair follicle and its potential to regrow new hair, which is crucial for assessing the efficacy of hair regrowth treatments.

Handheld Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging Chronic Wounds

Bed-bound patients often develop pressure ulcers, which are localized injuries to or underlying skin as a result of pressure. These injuries are typically undetected until they breach the skin and become a very expensive medical problem. Scientists at UCI have created a new handheld technology to detect and identify the stage of development of pressure ulcers.

Lateral Cavity Acoustic Transducer (LCAT) for Shear-Induced Cell Transfection

Inventors at UC Irvine have developed a new technique for inserting materials, such as genes, into cells that uses a lateral cavity acoustic transducer (LCAT).  This technology is efficient, does not result in lasting damage to cells, and the device is portable.