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Method for Synchronizing a Pulsatile Cardiac Assist Device with the Heart

Patients with severe heart failure can require both a cardiac pacemaker to help the timing of the heart and a ventricular assist device (VAD) to physically help pump blood. UCI researchers have developed a method to synchronize the actions of a pulsatile VAD with a pacemaker in order to reduce heart stress and improve treatment effectiveness.

Tracking Diet And Nutrition with a Wearable Bio-Iot

Faculty at UC Irvine have invented a wearable biosensor that quantifies macronutrients such as sugar, salt, fat, protein, and water consumed by the wearer.  It may be used much like a fitness tracker for self-monitoring and promotion of healthy dietary choices.

Novel Mixtures For Synergistic Activation Of M-Channels

Epilepsy is a seizure causing neurological disorder that affects over 50 million people, and it is estimated that half are ineffectively treated with current therapeutic options. Researchers at UCI have isolated components of a plant extract used to treat epilepsy in Africa and discovered that, when combined with an existing epilepsy medication, the mixture greatly decreases epileptic episodes and significantly increases survival rates in rodent models of epilepsy.

Processes For Microfluidic Fabrication

A method is provided to prepare one or more microfluidic channels on a receptive material by applying an image-forming material to a heat sensitive thermoplastic receptive material in a designed pattern and heating the material under conditions that reduce the size of the thermoplastic receptive material by at least about 60%. In an alternative aspect, the microfluidic channels on receptive material are prepared by etching a designed pattern into a heat sensitive thermoplastic material support and then heating the material under conditions that reduce the size of the thermoplastic receptive material by at least about 60%.

Ultrasound Based Volumetric Particle Tracking Method

The disclosure relates to method of processing three-dimensional images or volumetric datasets to determine a configuration of a medium or a rate of a change of the medium, wherein the method includes tracking changes of a field related to the medium to obtain a deformation or velocity field in three dimensions. In some cases, the field is a brightness field inherent to the medium or its motion. In other embodiments, the brightness field is from a tracking agent that includes floating particles detectable in the medium during flow of the medium.  

Shear Wave Based Elasticity Imaging Using 3D Segmentation For Ocular Disease Diagnosis

 Retinal diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), are the leading cause of blindness in the elderly population. Since no known cures are currently present, it is crucial to diagnose the condition in its early stages so that disease progression is monitored. Systems and methods for detecting and mapping the mechanical elasticity of retinal layers in the posterior eye are disclosed herein. A system including confocal shear wave acoustic radiation force optical coherence elastography (SW-ARF-OCE) is provided, wherein an ultrasound transducer and an optical scan head are co-aligned to facilitate in-vivo study of the retina. In addition, an automatic segmentation algorithm is used to isolate tissue layers and analyze the shear wave propagation within the retinal tissue to estimate mechanical stress on the retina and detect early stages of retinal diseases based on the estimated mechanical stress. US patent application no.  20190335996 

Methods For Development Of Hybrid Tissue Engineered Valve With Polyurethane Core

A hybrid tissue engineered heart valve leaflet including a polyurethane core, such as a polycarbonate-based thermoplastic polyurethane like carbothane. The polyurethane core is enclosed within one or more layer of a patient's cells and collagen. Also disclosed are hybrid tissue engineered heart valves, including a frame; and at least two leaflets attached thereto in a configuration of a heart valve, wherein the leaflets are hybrid tissue engineered heart valve leaflets, and methods of making a hybrid tissue engineered heart valve for deployment in a patient.Patent application publication no. US20190151509A1 

Handle Mechanism And Functionality For Repositioning And Retrieval Of Transcatheter Heart Valves

Improved catheter devices for delivery, repositioning and/or percutaneous retrieval of percutaneously implanted heart valves are described, including a medical device handle that provides an array of features helpful in conducting a percutaneous heart valve implantation procedure while variously enabling radial expansion or contraction and/or lateral positioning control over the heart valve during the medical procedure.