A Novel Iot Protocol Architecture; Efficiency Through Data And Functionality Sharing Across Layers

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The Internet’s TCP/IP protocol architecture is a layered system design. As such, the functions performed by the TCP/IP protocol suite are implemented at different protocol layers, where each layer provides a specific set of services to the layer above through a well-defined interface. Using this interface, data being received or sent is passed up or down the stack on its way through the network.

However, layered design approaches can increase overhead, as each layer incurs additional communication (e.g., additional header field) and processing costs. Furthermore, limiting the flow between layers to data plane information restricts the sharing of control information across layers and may lead to functions being duplicated at different layers.


Technology Description

The technology is referred to as the IoT Unified Services framework, or IoTUS for short. 

The technology involves generating communication packets for use by IoT nodes. The packets are generated by presenting an API to each protocol in a protocol stack. A single packet buffer is configured to hold headers for all the protocols that are directed to a destination node. Then memory pointers are stored in tables maintained by the protocols. When a input from the first protocol reaches the API, the single packet buffer is updated, as is the table in the second protocol.


  • Internet of Things networks
  • Layered System Designs  


  • Promotes information sharing among layers of the network protocol stack 
  • Promotes functionality sharing among layers of the network protocol stack,
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Greater storage efficiency  

Intellectual Property Information

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 11,252,263 02/15/2022 2019-904

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  • Obraczka, Katia

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Internet of Things, IoT, Layered System Design, Cross-layer sharing, IoTUS

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