Fabricating Crystallinity Unique Carbon Nanowires (~5nm) with Ultrahigh Electrical Conductivity

Tech ID: 32499 / UC Case 2019-923-0

Brief Description

UCI engineers have designed a new protocol for the synthesis of technology materials that uses electrospinning to draw polymers into ~5nm carbon nanowires.

Suggested uses

·Creation of ~5nm carbon nanowires

·Scalable nanofabrication


·This new method can synthesize 5nm wires which can then be integrated onto desired substrates


·Not wavelength limited

Technology Description

The advancement of technology has been accompanied by a steady decrease in the size of materials used. Unfortunately, current methods are unable to produce materials such as carbon nanowires under 5nm including lithography. A new synthesis method developed by UCI engineers uses electric force to draw polymer solutions to ~5nm fiber diameters (electrospinning), allowing a new step in technology miniaturization.

State Of Development

Technique has been developed, wires created and tested for conductivity

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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  • Madou, Marc J.

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