In-Situ Sweat Rate Monitoring For Normalization Of Sweat Analyte Concentrations

Tech ID: 30574 / UC Case 2018-218-0


UCLA researchers in the Department of Electrical Engineering have developed a method of in-situ sweat rate monitoring, which can be integrated into wearable consumer electronics for physiological analyses.


Despite being a rich source of biomarkers, sweat analysis is not widely used in physiological and clinical settings due to the lack of suitable technologies extracting physiologically meaningful information from the sweat readings. Previous studies have demonstrated some level of correlation between the blood and sweat content in the context of informative biomarkers. However, the correlations varied for each analyte, differed from subject to subject, and were inconsistent during the entire period of the experiment. These discrepancies are primarily attributed to variations in the sweat gland secretory rate, which is the major operational factor in the sweat secretion process.


Researchers at UCLA have developed a novel method to monitor sweat rate in-situ to achieve a normalized measure of the target biomarkers. The sweat rate information allows for characterizing and decoupling the confounding effect of the influential secretion parameters in the transport of the target biomarkers into sweat. The sweat rate information is also useful measure of hydration status and temperature and oxygen regulation. Normalization methodology used in this method helps mitigating the dependency of the sweat readings on secretion parameters. This sweat rate monitoring method can be incorporated into wearable device, or it can be integrated into existing consumer electronic devices to provide valuable physiological insight.


  • Sweat analysis of biomarkers normalized against sweat secretion rate


  • Improve the sweat sensor readings by mitigating the effect of variable sweat secretion parameters

State Of Development

A device prototype is available.

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Published Application 20210076991 03/18/2021 2018-218


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  • Emaminejad, Sam

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