Chip-Based Detection Of Diabetes Related Biomarkers

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A major goal in disease screening, diagnosis, and control has been to develop bioassay platforms capable of simultaneous measurements of different analytes in a single assay. Significant advances toward multiplexed biomarker detection chips based on either immunoassays or enzymatic bioassays have thus been reported. However, the combination of enzymatic and immunoassay sensing into a single disposable system has hitherto not been addressed.

Technology Description

Researchers at UC San Diego have developed a disposable electrochemical chip platform for on-the-spot monitoring of multiple diabetes-relevant biomarkers found in human blood, saliva and interstitial fluid. In an exemplary embodiment, a dualmarker biosensor integrates enzyme and antibodybased assays for simultaneous electrochemical measurements of insulin (I) and glucose (G). Simultaneous G/I sensing was realized by addressing key fabrication and operational challenges associated with the different assay requirements and surface chemistry. The I immunosensor relies on a peroxidaselabeled sandwich immunoassay, while G is monitored through reaction with glucose oxidase. The dual diabetes biomarker chip offers selective and reproducible detection of picomolar I and millimolar G concentrations in a single microliter sample droplet within less than 30 min, including direct measurements in whole blood and saliva samples.


Personalized, pointofcare multiplexed biomarker detection


Inexpensive, wearable integrated enzymaticimmunoassay biosensor

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Working prototype

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Provisional patent application

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Patent Pending


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Biosensors, diabetes monitoring, dual-marker detection, electrochemistry, immunoassays

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