Motion-Stabilized Flow Imaging Device

Tech ID: 29830 / UC Case 2019-055-0

Brief Description

UC Irvine researchers developed a portable, handheld device for dynamically measuring and visualizing blood flow.

Suggested uses

Imaging blood flow in clinical environments with limited time and space

  • Intensive care unit
  • After surgery
  • Neonatology and pediatrics 


  • Compact and easily transportable
  • Addresses motion artifacts from handheld nature of device
  • Can be mounted, such as on tripod, for increased accuracy
  • Convenient for use in crowded intensive care units and in portable military/civilian medical units


Technology Description

Traditional Laser Speckle Imaging (LSI) systems are mounted to decrease the likelihood of motion artifact. However, this limits the application of LSI for measuring blood flow at the bedside or in the clinic, especially in scenarios with limited space or time. 

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, created a handheld LSI device to measure and visualize the flow scattering particles such as red blood cells. They account for and correct motion-induced artifacts arising from the handheld nature of the device by incorporating a fiducial marker into the imaging protocol.

Patent Status

Patent Pending

State Of Development

The inventors have developed a prototype handheld LSI device. They are in the experimental stage of testing the device stability. Different configurations are being explored for potential applications of the device.


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