Biomass-Derived Polymers And Copolymers Incorporating Monolignols And Their Derivatives

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UCLA researchers in the Departments of Bioengineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry have developed a novel synthetic strategy for the fabrication of biomass-derived polymers incorporating underutilized lignin derivatives.


Polyamide polymers and benzoxazine resins are important materials used in a wide variety of products and manufacturing including the automotive, plastics, and nylons industries. Current methods to produce these polymers and resins utilize a diminishing supply of petroleum-based chemical precursors. While there has been some work identifying biomass-derived materials, they are typically mechanically weaker or have a reduced material lifespan. As the only natural aromatic polymer source, lignin could replace petroleum-derived aromatics in the synthesis of aromatic-based commodity polymeric materials.


  • Use of biomass-derived reagents for the creation of polyamide polymers, co-polymers, and resins
  • Polymers fabricated through their new synthetic route incorporate underutilized chemicals derived from renewable lignocellulosic biomass feedstocks


Monolignol-based polyamide polymers 

  • Textiles (e.g. nylons, Nomex, and Kevlar)
  • Bioplastics

Monolignol-based polyamide graft co-polymers of itaconic acid and Tulipalin A

  • Flocculants to remove heavy metals from solution
  • Water remediation and processing
  • Highly absorbent polymers  

Monolignol-based benzoxazines and polybenzoxazines

  • Thermoset resin
  • Mechanical and structural resin


This technology utilizes biomass to generate polymers with properties similar to commercially available materials.

State Of Development

Researchers have detailed methods and synthetic schemes for the fabrication of these polymers. Additionally, these polymers have been characterized as having moderate molecular weight and polydispersity, as well as moderately thermostable.

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 10,941,104 03/09/2021 2016-252
European Patent Office Published Application EP 3362439 08/22/2018 2016-252

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  • Kasko, Andrea

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