A vaccination strategy against Chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases

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No vaccines exist against the common sexually-transmitted disease, Chlamydia. The current invention is a novel vaccination formulation wherein fragments from two different microbial proteins, one each from a Chlamydia species and a Neisseria species are fused together. This novel fusion protein is proposed as a robust vaccine to provide protection against Chlamydia.

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In the US alone, over 1 million cases of Chlamydia are reported each year. Increasing prevalence of Multiple-Drug Resistant Chlamydia is rendering antibiotic treatment increasingly ineffective. Furthermore, there is no effective vaccine on the market. Current experimental vaccines against Chlamydia use a complete protein from the pathogen as the vaccine. The properties of this protein include low solubility, low stability, and the need for detergent solubilization during purification – consequently resulting in a relatively ineffective vaccine.

The current invention circumvents these problems by using a mix-and-match approach of combining proteins - a specific sub-region from this same Chlamydia protein and the entire protein from a different Neisseria species. This fusion protein has the potential to be a very effective vaccine against Chlamydia


§ By design, only a fragment of the Chlamydia protein is included in the protein fusion so that expression and purification steps are easier, and less expensive than for the whole protein.

§ Careful choice of the Chlamydia protein fragment, and fusion to the Neisseria protein, vastly increase likelihood of a robust immune response and an effective vaccine.

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Patent Pending

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Protocols for recombinant protein expression from an E. coli vector, purification, and vaccine administration in mice are already available in order to establish proof-of-concept for vaccine design.

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