Visualizing and Data Mining Large-Scale Data Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Tech ID: 27351 / UC Case 2017-095-0

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United States Of America Issued Patent 11,003,683 05/11/2021 2017-095

Additional Patent Pending

Brief Description

The emergence of huge, online digital repositories of data (AKA "big data") has made data mining challenging, especially for researchers, scientists, and businesses. These growing massive pools of online data have made it difficult to find relevant information, "connect the dots", and gain "big picture" perspective. For example, in the area of intellectual property, the access to global patent and trademark information includes billions of documents. To date, visualization of large-scale data sets is typically limited to two-dimensional tables, diagrams, and images. Many find these existing tools inadequate.

To address this problem, researchers at UC Berkeley developed systems and methods for visualizing large amounts of data in three-dimensional virtual reality and augmented reality spaces. The initial application for this Berkeley technology has been patent documents. However, it's also applicable to visualize non-patent data, including technical and commercial data, etc.

Suggested uses

Visualizing and data mining any large bodies of data.


  • Deeper insights
  • Faster analysis
  • More intuitive interface

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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, VR, AR, XR, Patent Search, Big Data

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