Development Of Biodegradable Bait Station For Liquid Ant Bait

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United States Of America Issued Patent 10729121 08/04/2020 2015-050

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Current bait station designs and other pest control tools are not very ideal nor advanced – they leak, become excessively hydrated or dehydrated, and need frequent maintenance. The global pest control services market is expected to grow annually at 5.3% and the industry is always looking for unique ways to conquer them.


Brief Description:

UCR Researchers have developed a novel, protected bait station that has controlled liquid bait release. The compact design contains a sugary, insecticide liquid bait that diffuses through an absorbent polymer or gel matrix. Only ants have access to the station and once an ant consumes the bait, the station biodegrades thus eliminating bait station cleanup.


  • Biodegradable – no cleanup or maintenance necessary
  • Target-specific – lower risk of non-target impact
  • Protective bait station housing – reduced environmental contamination
  • Small, compact – easily deployed in any location
  • Water absorbent polymer plug – absorb liquid bait and delivers bait to target ants
  • Small amount of liquid – bait station lifespan is 1-2 weeks


  • Substitute large reservoir bait stations, insecticide sprays & poisons
  • Pest management for urban, agricultural & natural settings
  • Design adoption for other pests


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