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Stable Photonic Structures

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(SD2020-249) Adaptive Bias Circuits For CMOS Millimeter-Wave Power Amplifiers: state-of-the-art back-off efficiency for silicon Ka-band Doherty PAs using single inputs and without digital predistortion

Power amplifier performance for emerging 5G mm-wave systems poses significant challenges for output power, efficiency and linearity. Efficiency in backoff is a key concern, given the peak-to-average power ratio of order 6-9dB for 5G signals. As a result, considerable attention has been given to composite amplifiers featuring backoff efficiency enhancement, particularly Doherty amplifiers. Adaptive bias circuits have been previously developed for use with power amplifiers at low microwave frequencies (for example, 1-2GHz as applied in 2G, 3G and 4G cellular networks).  Direct application of these techniques is not straightforward at higher frequencies, such as 28GHz as used for 5G wireless communications, because the transistors have less gain at the high frequencies. 

(SD2021-212) A tool to assess and monitor wound health

Background. Existing wound care practices use visual cues that are largely superficial in nature. The visual nature of the exams makes them very subjective and there is extensive inhomogeneity in wound evaluations between different healthcare professionals. Imaging is an indispensable tool to see what the eye cannot. Current techniques are limited to image a few millimeters deep into wounded tissue, thus visual examination is limited to the skin surface whereas wounds can exacerbate from deep within soft tissues.

Machine Learning-Based Monte Carlo Denoising

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