Web Privacy at the University of California, Office of the President

The University of California Office of the President (UCOP) web site, www.UCOP.edu and associated pages, collect usage information to improve functionality, improve content and to monitor performance. This information is used to help answer specific questions about the usage and performance of the web site or individual web pages. UCOP uses third party web analysis services to help gather and analyze this information.

Some sites or applications may collect information from you to allow UCOP to interact with you and provide the content or services you requested. This notice describes how UCOP uses personal information collected from the web site.

UCOP collects information when you ask for content, services or want to interact with a department. When you make requests we may collect information like your name, address, phone numbers and e-mail address and the nature of your request. If the pages, applications or resources you want access to require a user name and password, then we collect that authentication/log-in information.

Specific web pages may have their own privacy notices, with specific information. This notice applies to other web pages in the www.ucop.edu domain.

Web Use Statistics

When you use our web pages and web applications, our servers and web site traffic tools log information from your browser, your IP address, the pages you visit, the duration of your visit and documents or forms you might use or download. This information is used for metrics, to improve the user experience and improve the website.


UCOP websites and applications may use cookies. Cookies are saved on your computer by the web browser you use when you interact with our website.

Some pages and applications may require cookies to provide you the user experience you expect. Browser cookies may remain for seconds, minutes, days, or indefinitely.

No personal information is stored in browser cookies.

Personal Information

Personal information, (Name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and other items identified by California law) is used only for the purpose it was collected and is not made available to third parties. This information is used by UCOP as a part of its business relationship with you. It is not distributed outside of University of California, except as required by law or court order, but it may be reused within the University.

State Law

The State of California Information Practices Act of 1977 (effective July 1, 1978) requires the University to provide the following information to individuals who are asked supply information about themselves:

The principal purpose for requesting the information on this website is to collect interact with you about your interest in technology transfer or licensing. State and/or Federal statute and/or University policy authorize maintenance of this information.

Furnishing all (or specifically designated) information requested on this form is mandatory - failure to provide such information will delay or may even prevent completion of the action for which the form is being filled out.

Information furnished on this website may be used by Technology Transfer for interacting with you, tracking our communications with you, processing your requests and may be transmitted to State and Federal governments as required by law.

Individuals have the right to review information collected about them. In some cases these are in accordance with University personnel policy and collective bargaining agreements. Information on applicable policies and agreements can be obtained from campus, Laboratory, or office of the President Staff and Academic Personnel Offices.

You have the right to request UCOP delete information about you, but making this request may end your business relationship with the University.

Exemption from the Public Records Act

Electronically collected personal information is generally exempt from requests made pursuant to the California Public Records Act.


UCOP’s information security program is designed to protect the information you provide to websites, in on-line forms and applications. The University of California’s Electronic Information Security Policy is IS-3.


The official responsible for maintaining the information provided to this site is: Director Innovation Transfer and Entrepreneurship.