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Heterogeneously Integrated GaN on Si Photonic Integrated Circuits

A process that results in new capabilities of GaN lasers. Functionalities include surface emission, beam steering, enhanced performance, low waveguide loss, and superior reliability.

Contact to III-Nitride Tunnel Junction Devices Using Narrow Current Spreading Layer and Current Blocking Layer

A structure for improving the performance of III-nitride light-emitting devices.

Wafer Bonding for Embedding Active Regions with Relaxed Nanofeatures

An alternative method, using wafer bonding, to connect relaxed nanostructures in the active region with separately grown material.

Unidirectional Photoluminescence with Gan/Ingan Quantum Well Metersurfaces

A nano-patterned GaN/InGaN quantum well metasurface with high unidirectional photoluminescence that can be used for the development of compact LEDs with high directional emissions.

Efficient Implementation of a Tunnel Junction Contact on a Nitride-Based Edge-Emitting Laser Diode

An edge-emitting laser diode that leverages the design space uniquely using a tunnel junction contact to improve laser diode performance.

Colloidal Lithography-Enabled Creation of Metasurface-Integrated MicroLEDs and Devices

A resonant-cavity device that utilizes stimulated emission efficiency and/or narrows the emission angular profile.

Creating and Releasing Nanoscale Light Emitting Devices from Their Growth Substrates

A way to reproduce micron and submicron scale III-nitride LEDs and/or devices and remove them from growth substrates.

Methods for Locally Changing the Electric Field Distribution in Electron Devices

A surface treatment that can shape the electric field profile in electronic devices in 1, 2, or 3 dimensions.

Vertical Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers with Continuous Wave Operation

An m-plane VCSEL with an active region that has thick quantum wells and operation in continuous wave.

Reduction in Leakage Current and Increase in Efficiency of III-Nitride MicroLEDS

A way to reduce leakage current and increase the efficiency of III-Nitride microLEDs via ALD sidewall passivation. 

Multifaceted III-Nitride Surface-Emitting Laser

Improved laser capability using III-Nitride VCSELs as the illumination source for sensing applications of a fluorescent sample.

High Mobility Organic Semiconductors

Brief description not available

Achieving “Active P-Type Layer/Layers” In III-Nitride Epitaxial Or Device Structures Having Buried P-Type Layers

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have created both surface and buried p-type regions without the need for doping the materials with an acceptor.

Single-Phase Full-Color Phosphor for LEDs

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have developed a novel inorganic luminescent material that exhibits three strong emission bands in the visible region (blue, green, and red) when excited by near-UV light.

Methods for Fabricating III-Nitride Tunnel Junction Devices

Methods of physical vapor deposition for III-nitride tunnel junction devices.

Internal Heating for Ammonothermal Growth of Group-III Nitride Crystals

A new process for heating vessels used in the ammonothermal growth of group-III nitrides.

New Blue Phosphor for High Heat Applications

UC Santa Barbara researchers have created the very first monolithic and transparent blue-emitting phosphor that takes UV light and transforms it into blue light.

Contact Architectures for Tunnel Junction Devices

Methods and devices for improving performance of III-nitride light emitting devices.

Unipolar Light Emitting Devices On Silicon Based Substrates

A process that provides a less expensive alternative for growing light emitting material compared to growing on lattice matched native III-V substrates.

Stand-Alone Ceramic Phosphor Composites for Laser-Excited Solid-State White Lighting

A method for generating a stand-alone ceramic phosphor composite for use in solid state white light generating devices that successfully reduces the operating temperature of the phosphor material by 50%, increases lumen output, reduces cost of materials, and decreases preparation time.

Hybrid Growth Method for Improved III-Nitride Tunnel Junction Devices

Hybrid growth method for III-nitride tunnel junction devices that uses metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) to grow one or more light-emitting or light-absorbing structures and ammonia-assisted or plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) to grow one or more tunnel junctions.

Increased Light Extraction with Multistep Deposition of ZnO on GaN

A method of depositing ZnO on III-nitride materials using a multistep approach involving the deposition of a thin seed layer followed by the deposition of a thicker bulk layer.

Enhanced Light Extraction LED with a Tunnel Junction Contact Wafer Bonded to a Conductive Oxide

A method of bonding transparent conductive oxides on III-nitride materials using wafer bonding techniques.

III-Nitride Tunnel Junction with Modified Interface

A method for improving the performance of semipolar III-nitride light-emitting devices. 

Improved Anisotropic Strain Control in Semipolar Nitride Devices

A method to control the anisotrophy of strain in semipolar nitride-based active layers of optoelectronic devices while maintaining high device performance and efficiency.

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