Flippo The Robo-Shoe-Fly: A Foot Dwelling Social Wearable Companion

Tech ID: 32826 / UC Case 2020-290-0


Social interactions in school and office settings traditionally involve few coordinated physical interactions, and most group engagement centers on sharing electronic screens. Wearable robot companions are a promising new direction for encouraging coordinated physical movement and social interaction in group settings. A UC Santa Cruz researcher has developed a wearable social companion that encourages users to interact via physical movement.

Technology Description

A UC Santa Cruz researcher has designed an on-body robot companion, Flippo, that attaches to shoes. Flippo is a robot ecosystem designed to encourage wearers to engage in co-located social interaction. The robots have synergistic needs for connection that require users to engage in social interaction. Social interaction results in reactions from the robot, e.g. light and/or haptic responses.



  • Team building in group settings: schools, offices etc. 



  • Encourages real-world social interactions
  • Requires physical movement
  • Fosters non-traditional group interactions 


Intellectual Property Information

Patent Pending

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  • Isbister, Katherine
  • Peled, Ella

Other Information


Social interaction, Embodied interaction, Robot companion, Smart device

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