Human Astrovirus Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibody Sequences

Tech ID: 32797 / UC Case 2021-995-0


Human astroviruses cause viral gastroenteritis in children, elderly, and immune-compromised individuals. VA1 clade human astroviruses can cause encephalitis or meningitis in immune-compromised individuals. There are no preventative measures or antiviral therapies for human astrovirus disease.

Technology Description

In collaboration with colleagues at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, UC Santa Cruz researchers generated human astrovirus antigens for use in immunizations of mice. They then used those antigens to generate hybridoma cell lines producing human astrovirus-neutralizing monoclonal antibodies that can be the first therapeutic antibodies to prevent or treat human astrovirus disease. 


Anti-viral antibody therapeutics

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Patent Pending

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  • DuBois, Rebecca M.
  • Meyer, Lena

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Therapeutic antibodies, Infectious disease, Astrovirus

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