Method For Rapid In Situ Detection Of Ammonia

Tech ID: 32326 / UC Case 2020-658-0

Brief Description

This invention, a simple and robust method for ammonia detection, offers high-speed in situ quantification of ammonia concentrations with high sensitivity. The ammonia detection system does not require complex instrumentation, analysis, or labeling, which would allow for widespread adoption in chemistry-based fields and surrounding disciplines.

Suggested uses

• High-speed, in situ detection of ammonia concentration


• Real-time readings: capacity for fast, real-time chemical characterization in situ.

• Cleanliness: ammonia detection is extremely localized, preventing contamination from environment.

• Reusability: system can be used multiple times.

• Simplicity: Raman substrates are commercially available – would not have to rely on complex manufacturing.

Technology Description

The researchers at the University of California, Irvine invented a surface-enhanced Raman non-contact technique, which operates without having to alter the sample and allows for high speed in situ ammonia detection. Unlike other ammonia tests, this UCI technology offers a reusable approach and minimizes contamination from the environment.

State Of Development

Prototype has been developed and validated for efficacy, achieving a sensitivity of 10 ppm with a 1 second integration time.

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application WO 2021/226347 11/11/2021 2020-658

Additional Patent Pending


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  • Asset, Tristan
  • Atanassov, Plamen
  • Chen, Yechuan
  • Fishman, Dmitry
  • Liu, Yuanchao

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