Facile, Excitation-Based Spectral Microscopy For Fast Multicolor Imaging And Quantitative Biosensing

Tech ID: 32240 / UC Case 2021-085-0

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United States Of America Published Application 20240085328 03/14/2024 2021-085

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Brief Description

The number of color channels that can be concurrently probed in fluorescence microscopy is severely limited by the broad fluorescence spectral width. Spectral imaging offers potential solutions, yet typical approaches to disperse the local emission spectra notably impede the attainable throughput. 


UC Berkeley researchers have discovered methods and systems for simultaneously imaging up to 6 subcellular targets, labeled by common fluorophores of substantial spectral overlap, in live cells at low (~1%) crosstalks and high temporal resolutions (down to ~10 ms), using a single, fixed fluorescence emission detection band. 

Suggested uses

spectral microscopy of highly multiplexed fluorescence imaging



The ability to quantify the abundances of different fluorophores in the

same sample through unmixing the excitation spectra enables us to devise

quantitative imaging schemes for both bi-state and FRET fluorescent biosensors in live cells. 


Achieve high sensitivities and spatiotemporal resolutions

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  • Xu, Ke

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