Targeted Identification Of Rna Bases That Hydrogen Bond With Protein

Tech ID: 32236 / UC Case 2020-376-0


RNA binding proteins are increasingly implicated in genetic and somatic diseases.  Higher resolution methods to identify their RNA targets and how the proteins may interact with specific bases within them are needed to develop drugs that interfere with the regulation or misregulation of RBPs via their binding sites.

Technology Description

Researchers from UC San Diego have developed a technology called Footprinting SHAPE combined with enhanced crosslinking and immunoprecipitation that identifies nucleotides that form hydrogen bonds with proteins in cells. 

This new technology may enable rationale ways to identify therapeutic strategies to block or modulate binding of specific proteins to these nucleotides.


This technology would enable the generation of large and diverse datasets for many different RNA binding proteins and thus would be a highly desirable resource for companies that specialize in AI-based discovery of therapeutic markers and targets.


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UC San Diego is seeking companies interested in commercializing this technology into useful services and products.

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