Design For Nesting Height Adjustable Workbenches

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Need to transport sturdy adjustable workbenches for use at sea or other temporary work spaces that need anchoring to walls or floors and you can't find a commercially available source?

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Sea-going researchers from Scripps Institution of Oceanography have developed a design for a set of workbenches that nest into each other. This design provides for multiple benches to be nested together for storage, or they can be spread out to greatly increase usable bench space as needed. Each bench is height adjustable at 1” increments, heavy duty, and fabricated with easily sourced materials. They are easily anchored to floors or walls (possible needs for anchoring include seismic mitigation, or use on moving platforms like trailers or ships).

The manual contains a complete parts list and step-by-step instructions for constructing and assembling a 4-table workbench design.

Workbench Parts List page in manualpage in manual


The nested workbench design is available for licensing. Basic design can be easily customized for varying size and expandability requirements. 



The available manual details how to build and assemble two outer workbenches at fixed heights and two inner workbenches. All four can be built to be adjustable.

All nested benches can spread out to allow for matching bench heights. Height adjustable ranges from well below standard desk heights, to well above standard workbench heights.

The workbenches would be stowed by removing the bench tops, stacking the on top of each other and re-securing them to the frames.

The workbench framing conveniently nest together for transport or storage.

They are easily anchored to floors or walls, essential for seismic mitigation, or use on moving platforms like ships and trailers.



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TOC 'Manual for Workbench'

Intellectual Property Info

Interested in licensing a copy of the manual?

UC San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography is offering to license this PDF manual.

This manual (“How to Build a Set of Nesting Tables”) is protected by copyright.

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