Virtual Reality For Anhedonia Program

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UCLA researchers in the Department of Psychology have developed a behavioral training program for the improvement of anhedonia.


Anhedonia, or the loss of interest or pleasure in activities, is a symptom often found in depression and other mental health disorders. Despite the strong correlation of anhedonia with suicidal ideation, current treatments for mental disorders decrease negative affect but do not treat anhedonia directly. There is a need to develop treatments to improve anhedonia in individuals.


UCLA researchers have developed a behavioral training program that treats anhedonia using virtual reality (VR) and memory training. By implementing a behavior training program in VR, individuals can experience controlled immersive experiences that are designed to promote motivation and interest. These positive experiences combined with memory recounting (or memory specificity training), can improve anhedonia.


  • Treating anhedonia
  • Suicide prevention


  • Controlled experiences to promote motivation

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  • Craske, Michelle G.

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Anhedonia, Depression, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Anxiety, Suicide, Virtual Reality, Behavioral Training

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