System For Fast Multi-Photon Imaging Using Spectrally Diffracted Excitation

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UCLA researchers in the Department of Electrical Engineering have developed a new system for fast multi-photon imaging using spectrally diffracted excitation.


Multiphoton and laser scanning microscopy have enabled unprecedented dynamic exploration in living organisms.  A significant challenge in biological research is the dynamic imaging of features within living organisms, which allows for real-time investigation of cellular structure and function.  To make progress in our understanding of biological machinery, optical microscopes must be capable of rapid, targeted access deep within samples at high resolution.  Additionally, these microscopy systems need rapid imaging rates to capture fast chemical and biological processes.  Currently, systems with imaging rates in the range necessary to capture these events are not available because of physical technical limitations.


UCLA Prof. Bahram Jalali and colleagues have developed a system for fast multi-photon and laser scanning microscopy that allows for investigation of chemical and biological reactions in the 1-40 kHz range.  They developed a novel system that avoids the mechanical restrictions currently limiting the imaging rates, by employing a system that uses a novel diffraction grating combined with a rapid wavelength swept laser.


  • Fluorescence lifetime, two-photon, and multi-photon imaging microscopy
  • Applied to fiber endoscopes for potential clinical applications


  • Order of magnitude improvement in non-linear imaging speeds
  • Fiber-based setup
  • Longer wavelength laser allows for deeper imaging depth
  • Fast imaging rates are achieved by passive methods allowing for more reliable and compact systems

State Of Development

Researchers have implemented this technology to image various pollen and Rhodamine-6G samples.

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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  • Karpf, Sebastian

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microscopy, two-photon, two-photon microscopy, multi-photon microscopy, TPEF, fluorescence lifetime imaging, diffraction-grating, FLIM

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