A Method and Device for the Estimation of Blood Glucose Concentration from Signals of Sensors Implanted in Tissues

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Diabetes is a major disease affecting all populations and age groups, and society as a whole. All therapies for diabetes are based on achieving close glucose control. Close glucose control achieved by sufficient and timely administration of therapy has been shown to reduce the destructive “long-term complications” of diabetes, such as retinal damage, kidney failure, amputations, and cardiovascular damage, as well as debilitating and life-threatening short-term hypoglycemia. However, attainment of close control requires a means of glucose monitoring and means for correction of glucose imbalances such as administration of insulin, pharmaceuticals, diet adjustment, and exercise, based on the monitored glucose concentration.

Technology Description

Researchers at UC San Diego have developed a method for estimating blood glucose concentration from signals of sensors that are implanted subcutaneously or percutaneously in tissues or are deployed on bodily surfaces of people with diabetes and other medical conditions. The invention is used in conjunction with glucose sensors currently available or under development that are deployed in or on tissues.


The invention is a means of isolating and removing errors due to oxygen variability, measurement inaccuracy, diffusional lag, and noise, errors that derive from tissues in which the sensors are implanted. Methods for therapy of diabetes based on estimated blood glucose described by the invention are included.


The accuracy of estimated blood glucose compared to reference blood glucose values, as judged by such parameters as the mean absolute relative difference (MARD), is greater than by certain other methods.

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A provisional patent has been submitted and the technology is available for licensing

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application 2019143741 07/25/2019 2018-084


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Blood glucose, diabetes, glucose monitoring, sensors

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