Disposable and Semi-Disposable Medical Consumables for Infection Control

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In the United States lives are lost every year due to the spread of infections in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Thus, healthcare workers must take all precautions to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, especially in surgical spaces. One key step in this process is to control environmental surfaces because certain types of microbial bacteria or fungi are capable of surviving on environmental surfaces for months at a time. A potential solution would be to use consumables that are disposable, or semi-disposable, and offer a platform of products for the purposes of infection control.  

Technology Description

UC San Diego researchers have developed prototype disposable or semi-disposable products that provide support for infection control within healthcare settings, such as surgical spaces. Invented by three UCSD physicians, this patent-pending technology offers a platform of products that are Infection control consumables, whether disposable or semi-disposable, and offer a value-added role to healthcare providers.


This technology relates to medical consumables, for use in surgical suites, or similar spaces, for the purposes of infection control.


These consumables are disposable, or semi-disposable, and offer a platform of products that offer rapid market access and simple manufacturing. Infection control is a critical issue in surgical spaces, and this platform of products may have high-margins, and low barriers of entry to the healthcare market (as these products may not fall under FDA regulation, or might be Class 1 devices).

Intellectual Property Info

This patent pending technology platform is available for licensing, for the manufacture and sale of infection control consumable products, potentially as a product platform of disposable or semi-disposable medical consumables, with rapid market access envisaged.

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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