System and Methods for Efficient Collection of Single Cells and Colonies of Cells and Fast Generation of Stable Transfectants

Tech ID: 29368 / UC Case 2006-547-0

Brief Description

A plate manufactured to enable samples of cells, microorganisms, proteins, DNA, biomolecules, transfectants, and other biological media to be positioned at specific sites. Some or all of the sites are built from removable material so that samples may be isolated.

Full Description

A plate manufactured such that samples can be positioned at specific locations or sites for analysis. Patterned special structures allow for easy attachment at known locations or sites. The technology is also composed of structures or pallets that are removable, so laser cutting is not required. These pallets allow for easy release and collection. Micro-patterned features like structural elements, electrodes and optical encoders further assist in the cell isolation for study.

Suggested uses

  • Techniques for separating samples of a homogenous population
  • Genomic and proteomic studies: genetic cloning, cell-based screening, stem-cell studies
  • Enhanced ability to obtain living, single cells like DNA or RNA


  • High speed, efficient method for isolating homogenous subsets of samples from larger population of samples.
  • Ability to select and sort cells based on dynamic phenomena and transfectants for study.
  • The sites are built from a removable pallet, so a part of the sample can be isolated from the plate for analysis.

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 7,759,119 07/20/2010 2006-547

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