Probability Map of Biopsy Site

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UCLA researchers in the Department of Radiological Science have developed a technique for generating a probability map on an MRI that indicates the certainty of tissue sampling from a location, which could improve imaging-guided biopsies and their correlation with pathology.


Biopsies using imaging techniques are critical for accurate diagnosis and implementation of radiation therapy protocols in patients with many types of cancer, including prostate cancer. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)-Guided, MRI-Ultrasound Fusion-Guided, and High Resolution Computed Tomography (HRCT)-Guided biopsies are popular methods for biopsies, routinely used in patients. However, there are several challenge in taking biopsies of possible tumors: to confidently identify appropriate lesions with moderate- to high-grade cancer; to be certain of exactly where the biopsies were taken; and to accurately map onto pathology results, which include a variety of molecular and genomic markers as well as histology.


UCLA researchers have developed a technique to generate a smart probability map of sampling tissue locations in imaging-guided biopsies. This technique allows quantification of the uncertainty in the exact location for tissue sampling, which will help physicians more accurately interpret the diagnostic analyses performed on extracted tissue.


  • Listing the localized target lesions from patients who undergo biopsy
  • Quantifying the probability of tissue extraction sites
  • Biopsies in routine clinical practice or in clinical trials


  • More accuracy in diagnostic analyses interpretation
  • Quantification of the probability of tissue locations
  • Easy accessibility: compatibility with various platforms

Related Materials

  • Jamshidi, N., Huang, D., Abtin, F. G., Loh, C. T., Kee, S. T., Suh, R. D., & Enzmann, D. R. (2016). Genomic Adequacy from Solid Tumor Core Needle Biopsies of ex Vivo Tissue and in Vivo Lung Masses: Prospective Study. Radiology, 282(3), 903-912.

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Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application WO2019070658 04/11/2019 2017-103

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  • Enzmann, Dieter R.

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biopsy; cancer; probability map; tissue; location; uncertainty; lesion; MRI

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