Low-Profile Circularly-Polarized Single-Probe Broadband Antenna

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UCLA researchers from the Department of Electrical Engineering have developed a new technology to enable single-layer single-probe circularly-polarized patch antennas with a compact size and broad axial ratio/impedance matching bandwidth.


Patch antennas are attractive due to their low profile, easy fabrication and polarization versatility; however, the design of a compact, broadband, circularly polarized (CP) patch antenna still remains a significant challenge. Most existing low-profile CP dual-band or wideband antennas require multilayer fabrication, multiple input feeds or complex fabrication processing, raising the overall antenna cost. In addition, typical single-probe CP patch antennas have axial ratio (AR)/impedance (S11)-matching bandwidths less than 1-2%, limiting their efficiency. Although a single-probe CP E-shaped patch antenna had been designed to achieve a 9% AR-S11 bandwidth, the antenna’s large size limits its wide application.


UCLA researchers from the department of electrical engineering have developed a new technology to fabricate CP patch antenna with compact size and decent performance. By fine-tuning the geometry of a half-E shaped patch antenna and utilizing an electrically thick substrate, a substantial size reduction of 50% is achieved compared to the original E-shaped CP patch antenna, while a satisfactory AR-S11 bandwidth of 5.3% can be retained.


  • The technology is ideal for wideband applications requiring circular polarizations, such as in satellite communication products (GPS, Radio-frequency identification, and direct broadcast satellite television)
  • The compact size of this new antenna design could also be useful for linear or even planar arrays in high-gain satellite antennas


  • Size of the antenna is shrunk by half compared to previous E-shaped CP patch antenna
  • Performance parameters such as AR bandwidth and impedance are substantially improved compared to commercial single-feed CP patch antennas
  • The single-probe design facilitates low-cost fabrications

State Of Development

A prototype operating over the WLAN band ( 2.4-2.53 GHz) has been developed to demonstrate the design of low-profile circularly-polarized single-probe broadband antenna for radiofrequency communication. The prototype showed a good bandwidth (5.3%, AR ≤ 3 dB and S11 ≤ -10 dB) with a height of roughly λ/10, along with a predominantly unidirectional radiation pattern towards the broadside direction (theta=0).

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 10,211,535 02/19/2019 2015-888

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  • Rahmat-Samii, Yahya

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patch antenna, microstrip antenna, half-E shape, low profile, circularly polarized (CP), single probe, broadband, WLAN, satellite communication, radio-frequency (RF), unidirectional

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