Pesticide Detection: Methyl Iodide and Methyl Bromide

Tech ID: 23321 / UC Case 2013-757-0


Paper based sensors for detection of low concentrations of methyl iodide and methyl bromide, dibromo ethylene and other alkylating agents in air.

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Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed paper-based colorimetric sensors that can rapidly detect very low concentrations of methyl iodide and methyl bromide in air. The detection limit for methyl iodide and methyl bromide is 200 and 800 ppb, respectively. These sensors can be employed in agricultural fields and other aerosol applications to detect human exposure levels of either chemical.


  • Detection of low level of fumigants in agricultural fields
  • Other aerosol applications
  • Organic or other certified agricultural practice verification


  • Rapid detection at very low concentration of both pesticides
  • Extremely sensitive
  • No chemical analysis or laboratory required
  • Easy to use
  • Color indicates results
  • Inexpensive

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 10,054,570 08/21/2018 2013-757


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  • Ghanbari, Sanaz
  • Sun, Gang

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Colorimetric sensors, Fumigant detector, Methyl iodide, Methyl bromide, Paper sensor, Pesticide test, Farm worker exposure

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