Magnetic Navigation System for Diagnosis, Biopsy, and Drug Delivery Vehicles

Tech ID: 21960 / UC Case 2003-270-0

Technology Description

The invention discloses a magnetic navigation system and navigable capsules that are useful for remote-controlled imaging, biopsy, and programmable drug release within the body of an animal. The system includes a capsule dimensioned and shaped to move within the body; an anisotropic magnetic component coupled to the capsule to orient it relative to an applied magnetic field; a detector to determine the location of the capsule within the body; and a magnetic field generating system external to the body that is responsive to the detected location of the capsule. The detector senses the position of the capsule and the feedback of the position information is utilized for controlling the magnetic field generating system to guide the capsule as it moves within the body. The capsule can carry devices for imaging, biopsy, and/or drug release.

Intellectual Property Info

This invention has U.S. patent number 6,776,165 and is available for licensing.

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 6,776,165 08/17/2004 2003-270


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Other Information


magnetic navigation, capsule, capsule endoscopy, digestive tract imaging, magnetically guided capsule endoscopy, diagnosis, biopsy, drug delivery

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