In Vivo RFID Chip

Tech ID: 20651 / UC Case 2008-500-0

Brief Description

The invention is a fully CMOS compatible RFID chip, thinned from the backside, with an integrated antenna, as a platform for bio-sensing. A transmit function is built in using CMOS circuitry so the RFID chip can send information back out of the body. The invention can be fabricated at any silicon foundry at low cost. The invention is physically small enough for non-invasive monitoring of patient health as an implanted device. Power is provided by a power source from outside the body, so that the implantation can be permanent and requires no battery.

Suggested uses

The chip can also be used to control the release of drugs, or to electrically stimulate biological functions for either therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.


Many different sensors can be integrated onto the chip. The chip will be small enough that control at the single cell level is possible.

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 8,830,037 09/09/2014 2008-500


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  • Burke, Peter J.

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RFID chip, drug delivery

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