Improved Ceramics And Ceramic Composites

Tech ID: 10295 / UC Case 2005-510-0


The University of California has a number of inventions in the field of ceramics and ceramics composites that are available for commercial licensing. These technologies include:

  • Porosity—A combustion synthesis method that produces low-porosity, high-density ceramics (1995-263), a synthesis method that produces high-density ceramics with extremely fine crystallite sizes (2005-510), a one-step synthesis and consolidation of nanoparticles in ceramics, etc. (1999-355), and methods for producing high-porosity oxide ceramics (1997-186);
  • Ductility—A method for making high-strength nanocrystalline materials with improved ductility (2003-539), an inexpensive, easy-to-fabricate ceramics matrix composite (1995-109), an improved method for making metal matrix composites using spray atomization (1994-134), a practical method for microalloying magnesium in molybdenum silicide (2002-237), and strong, flaw-tolerant ceramics laminate composites (1991-243 and 1999-385);
  • Hardness—A thermal barrier coating with increased hardness and wear resistance (2002-164), a direct, one-step synthesis of titanium carbonitride cermets (1992-018), bulk metallic glasses with nanoscale crystallites (2003-334), and diamond-containing ceramic composites (1986-070);
  • Functionally-Gradient Materials (FGMs)—A method for making layered FGMs with superior interlayer bonding (2005-223) and a simple, inexpensive one-step synthesis of metalloceramic FGMs that display a smooth transition in their compositional profiles (1992-027); and
  • General Synthesis & Fabrication Methods—A system for post-machining inspection of manufactured ceramic parts (Ceramic Candling Inspection System), a method for preparing nanocrystalline coatings (1996-370), an improved method of combustion synthesis (1992-020), and a method for fabricating complex-shaped ceramics with a more uniform phase distribution (1990-317).

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Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 8,609,565 12/17/2013 2005-510
United States Of America Issued Patent 7,601,403 10/13/2009 2005-510


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  • Anselmi-Tamburini, Umberto
  • Garay, Javier E.
  • Kim, Sangtae
  • Martin, Manfred
  • Munir, Zuhair A.

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