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A sustainable and scalable bioinspired material with tunable heat-managing properties

Researchers at UC Irvine have developed a sustainable and low-cost insulation material with the ability to dynamically manage heat exchange. This technology circumvents the limitations of previous thermal management systems by offering low-cost manufacturing, straightforward implementation, energy efficiency, and control of heat exchange.

Pharmacological fortification and/or restoration of protective nerve coverings via a novel therapeutic target

Researchers at UC Irvine have discovered a novel mechanism by which restoration of protective nerve coverings fails in degenerative disease like multiple sclerosis. While therapeutics to slow disease progression exist, there are currently none aimed at preventing or restoring damage to nerve coverings.

Improved system for imaging of large biological samples in high refractive index solutions

Novel system for imaging of specimens in high refractive index solutions on the Zeiss Z.1 fluorescence light sheet microscope. System will allow for deep imaging of large and intact biological samples (i.e. mouse brain) for enhanced optical resolution and faster imaging speed.

Redesigned vaginal speculum for enhanced patient comfort and physician use

Researchers at UC Irvine have redesigned the vaginal speculum, a medical device routinely used for pap smears, and other medical procedures that involve inspection of the vaginal canal (i.e. IUD insertions, STD testing, and hysterectomies). The novel design addresses several patient discomforts associated with currently used speculums and is more time- and cost-effective for health professionals.

An accessible lab on a chip platform for single cell differentiation of cancerous tumors

Researchers at UC Irvine have developed a novel, machine learning-assisted biochip for rapid, affordable, and practical analysis of single cell tumor heterogeneity. The technology’s low cost and ease of manufacture makes it an optimal point-of-care diagnostic in developing countries, where early cancer detection is severely lacking.

Percutaneous Heart Valve Delivery System

Researchers at University of California, Irvine have developed a novel percutaneous heart valve delivery system for coordinated delivery, positioning, repositioning, and/or percutaneous retrieval of percutaneously implanted heart valves. This system enables optimal placement of the transcatheter heart valve and may thereby significantly reduce the risk of paravalvular aortic regurgitation, myocardial infarction, or ischemia related to improper positioning.

A distensible wire mesh for a cardiac sleeve

Researchers at University of California, Irvine have developed a novel distensible wire mesh that can be used in the heart surround sleeve component of a whole heart assist device. This wire mesh design enables the device to collapse and expand reversibly for a variety of uses, such as during the delivery process of the whole heart assist device as well as for allowing the device to contract and expand to physically pump the heart.

Small Molecules for Restoring Activity of p53 Mutants found in Human Cancer

This invention consists of novel small molecule compounds that bind to mutant variants of p53 and induce conformational changes to restore p53 function for treatment of human cancers.