Procedural Accessory For Neonatal Crib

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A researcher at the University of California, Davis has developed a system for supporting neonatal babies locally near the incubator for easy medical examination and procedures.

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Medical examination of neonatal babies, who are often very delicate and sensitive, requires removing them physically from the incubator and sometimes transporting them to procedural units such as for fluorography.Therefore, there is an unmet need for a support system where the neonate may be placed very close to the incubator with minimal amount of displacement or transport.

A UC Davis researcher has devised a support system that can be attached or built-in to the neonatal incubator that allows the infant to be placed on the support table and avoids the need for movement of the infant to other procedural units.The adjustable table is an easy accessory to attach/detach from the cribs to allow it to be used for all patients. Currently there is no similar support structure to be used and so bedside procedures such as fluoroscopy are not possible.


  • Hospitals and neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). 
  • Medical device distributors specialized in neonatal care equipment. 
  • Research institutions focusing on pediatric care advancements. 
  • Manufacturers and designers of hospital incubators and cribs.


  • Enhances bedside medical care and procedures in neonatal ICUs. 
  • Lightweight, easy to attach, transport and store. 
  • Easily adjusted to desired height and position to provide operator access to infant. 
  • Bedside examination of neonatal infants close to the incubator in the neonatal care unit. 
  • Configured to support procedures such as X-rays and fluoroscopy procedure including fitting C-shaped fluoroscopy instruments. 
  • Design adaptable to various commercial neonatal incubators including Giraffe incubators. 
  • Addresses the lack of adaptable neonatal support systems for in-crib procedures.

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Patent Pending


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  • Alnoor, Mohammad

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