Strokewatch: Noninvasive Stroke Detection Using Electroencephalography (EEG)

Tech ID: 32908 / UC Case 2022-166-0

Technology Description

The invention enables real-time bedside quantitative electroencephalography-based noninvasive stroke detection.  Current quantitative approaches to detect stroke require interpretation by trained experts: a limited resource in most hospital settings.  Through application of a novel and highly sensitive EEG algorithm, electrical field attenuations can be used to visualize areas of cerebral ischemia in real-time to facilitate non-expert interpretation.


  • Enables real-time quantitative stroke detection by non-experts
  • Facilitates early detection of stroke to support:
    • Timely and efficient triage, resource allocation, and procedural intervention
    • Reduction in neurological disability and patient mortality
    • Decreased length of hospital stay and care escalation
  • Compatible with existing EEG monitoring platforms and hardware, minimal data input requirement



  • Real-time stroke detection and monitoring
    • Home-based stroke monitoring
    • Pre-hospital deployment for stroke triage (e.g., in ambulance)
    • Emergency Department triage and monitoring
    • Intraoperative monitoring
    • Critical care monitoring
  • Real-time seizure detection and monitoring
    • Real-time visualization of focal seizures
  • Traumatic head injury
    • Pre-hospital deployment for neurosurgical triage (e.g., in ambulance)
    • In-hospital monitoring for injury expansion (e.g., hematoma or hemorrhage)

Looking for Partners

To further develop and commercialize the technology.

Stage of Development

Proof of concept.  Pilot/early validation study conducted in pediatric population. 

Data Availability

Under CDA.

Patent Status

Patent Pending


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