Salt-Tolerant Dna Polymerases

Tech ID: 32798 / UC Case 2011-760-0


Various scientific and industrial applications exist in which it would be advantageous to use a DNA polymerase that function efficiently at high salt concentrations. In sequencing, GC compressions can be resolved by using high salt concentrations. In nanopore sequencing high salt con­centration boosts the signal to noise ratio for ionic-current ­based nanopore measurements.

Technology Description

Methods of performing DNA synthesis using salt tolerant versions of DNA polymerases derived from Bacillus phage phi29 are described. Such polymerases can function in salt solutions with concentrations as high as 25% wt/volume of salt (KCl, NaCl or other monovalent salts). 


Nucleic acid sequencing

Nucleic acid library generation 

Intellectual Property Information

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 10,059,984 08/28/2018 2011-760
Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Application WO 2012/173905 12/20/2012 2011-760


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  • Bernick, David L.
  • Holmes, Andrew
  • Nivala, Jeffrey M.

Other Information


Phi29, Halophilic, DNA polymerase, DNA libraries, Nucleic acid sequencing

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