Biodegradable Potentiometric Sensor to Measure Ion Concentration in Soil

Tech ID: 32471 / UC Case 2022-008-0

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Patent Pending

Brief Description

The inventors have developed ion-selective potentiometric sensors for monitoring soil analytes with naturally degradable substrate, conductor, electrode, and encapsulant materials that minimize pollution and ecotoxicity. This novel sensor-creation method uses printing technologies for the measurement of nitrate, ammonium, sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphate, nitrite, and others. Monitoring soil analytes is key to precision agriculture and optimizing the health and growth of plant life. 

Suggested uses

These sensors can be used for applications such as, but not limited to, soil health monitoring, agricultural growth predictions, analyte flux measurements, greenhouse gas production, and chemical leeching/runoff.


These soil analysis sensors:

  • can be produced at scale
  • can selective target ions of interest 
  • are inexpensive 
  • are simple to fabricate
  • are easy to read 
  • are environmentally friendly 

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  • Arias, Ana Claudia

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precision agriculture, flexible electronics, chemical sensors, ion selective membrane, definitive screening design, potentiometric sensors, nitrate sensors, agriculture sensors

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