Scalable And High-Performance Pressure Sensors For Wearable Electronics

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United States Of America Published Application 20220146340 05/12/2022 2019-071

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This invention are flexible pressure sensors with high sensitivity, broad working range and good scalability are highly desired for the next-generation of wearable electronic devices. Embodiments include large-area compliant and cost-effective processes to fabricate high-performance pressure sensors using mesh-molded periodic microstructures and printed side-by-side electrodes. 

Suggested uses

Wearable human-interactive devices can improve our quality of life and health. Flexible pressure sensors, as an important element of human-interactive devices, are of great interest and have a wide range of applications such as continuous health monitoring, personal diagnostics, robotics, prostheses, etc.


These fabricated pressure sensors advantageously exhibit low operating voltage (e.g., 1 V), high sensitivity (e.g., 23.87 kPa-1), low detection limit (e.g., 7.4 Pa), fast response/recovery time (e.g., 25/20 ms), and excellent reliability (e.g., over 10,000 cycles). Additionally, the sensors show broad working range (e.g., 7.4~1,000,000 Pa), high tunability, large-scale production feasibility, and significant advantage in creating sensor arrays with self-defined patterns.

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  • Arias, Ana Claudia

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