Fusion Protein for Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases

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Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed a plant-based, fusion protein for use in the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

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Inflammatory diseases - such as alpha-1 anti-trypsin deficiency (AATD) and cystic fibrosis (CF) – are currently treated using plasma-derived, IV replacement therapies. Although such therapies are safe and effective, they have limitations due to cost, purity specifications, and limited availability. There is a need for a treatment that avoids the complexity and cost of collection, purification, sterilization, preservation and distribution of plasma.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis have developed a plant-based, elafin-fusion protein that can be used as a potential therapeutic to treat patients with inflammatory diseases. This therapeutic provides a cost-effective and stable treatment option for patients who either lack access to plasma-derived, IV replacement therapies or are seeking a lower cost, alternative therapy. The protein is resistant to proteolytic cleavage and oxidation, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, the therapeutic exhibits human-like glycosylation, has a longer half-life than other treatments and can be delivered via infusion or inhalation.


  •         Protein therapy for inflammatory diseases such as AATD and CF
  •         Can be delivered via either infusion or inhalation


  •         Proteolytic cleavage-resistant
  •         Oxidation-resistant
  •         Improved stability
  •         Lower manufacturing and clinical costs compared to current treatment options
  •         Extended serum half-life
  •         Anti-inflammatory properties
  •         Delivery by infusion or inhalation

Patent Status

Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 10,918,703 02/16/2021 2016-656

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