Novel Phage CRISPR-Cas Effectors and Uses Thereof

Tech ID: 31724 / UC Case 2020-066-0

Patent Status

Patent Pending

Brief Description

UC Berkeley researchers have discovered a novel family of proteins denoted Cas12L within the Type V CRISPR Cas superfamily distantly related to CasX, CasY and other published type V sequences.  These Cas12L proteins utilize a guide RNA to perform RNA-directed cleavage of DNA.

Suggested uses

  • Targeted genome editing of bacterial, archaeal, and eukaryotic cells
  • Transcription repression of specific genes using inactivated Cas12L
  • Targeting of proteins bound to Cas12L to a specific locus of a genome
  • Diagnostic applications via trans-cleavage activity

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  • Banfield, Jillian F.

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