TRM: Human Pancreatic Ductal Adendocarcinoma (PDAC) Derived Cell Lines 779e and 1334

Tech ID: 30471 / UC Case 2019-041-0

Technology Description

Two Human Pancreatic Ductal Adendocarcinoma (PDAC) Derived Cell Lines have been developed and authenticated by validating mutations in the KRas gene and by assessing the histology of tumors derived from xenografted lines.


779e- established from a moderate-to-poorly differentiated patient derived tumor that harbored KRasG12Fmutation.

1334-established from a PDAC patient liver metastasis and harbors KRasG12D mutation.


The cell lines are suitable for use experimental use in understanding the signaling pathways involved in the regulation of PDA.

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This represents tangible research material which is available by a material transfer agreement (MTA) to an academic institution or a bailment license agreement (for-profit company).

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Human Pancreatic Ductal Adendocarcinoma, pancreatic cancer, cell lines

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