System And Methods For Fabricating Boron Nitride Nanostructures

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Patent Cooperation Treaty Reference for National Filings WO2015200496 12/30/2015 2015-024

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A research team led by Alex Zettl has developed a variable pressure, powder/gas/liquid injection inductively coupled plasma system that is used to produce high quality boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) at continuous rates of 35 g/hour.  For example, in this system, boron powder is introduced to a directed flow of plasma and boron nitride nanostructures are formed in a chamber. This system can produce collapsed BN nanotubes (nanoribbons) and closed shell BN capsules (nanococoons).  The system is also adaptable to a large variety of feedstock materials.

Suggested uses

Scalable production of boron nitride nanomaterials that can be used in high temperature environments or harsh chemical environments, e.g., aerospace or nuclear industries.


Scalable production of high quality BNNTs at continuous rates of 35 g/hour

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  • Mickelson, William E.

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boron nitride nanotubes, scalable nanotube synthesis, inductively coupled plasma, hyperbaric plasma, BNNTs, BN nanotubes, BN capsules, nanococoons, boron nitride

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