Process for Converting Waste Biomass

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A researcher at the University of California, Davis has developed a chemical approach for the total conversion of plant carbohydrates to biofuels and value-added products.

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A researcher at the University of California, Davis has developed a process for converting waste biomass (agricultural, municipal forestry) into 5-chlorofurfural (CMF) in yields approaching 90% of the theoretical. Thus far no other method of biomass deconstruction gives such a high conversion to a simple organic product. The process is completely chemical in nature and inexpensive. Conditions are mild (T< 100 °C) and reaction times are short (< 4 h). By reaction with ethanol or hydrogen, the CMF product is converted into 5-ethoxymethyl furfural and 5-methylfurfural, respectively, both of which are promising biofuel candidates, and the former of which is currently being commercialized in Europe as a diesel additive. By reaction with water, the CMF product is converted into levulinic acid, an industrially important value-added chemical. A secondary product of this process is furfural itself, which derives from the hemicellulose content of plant biomass. Furfural is currently traded as a commercial commodity.


  • High yield process for the development and manufacture of renewable alternative fuels


  • More efficient than conventional ethanol production
  • Direct utilization of cellulose, a prevalent and available source of carbon
  • Derived biofuels are hydrophobic, non-toxic, non-volatile, non-corrosive, clean-burning, and biodegradable
  • Method can be used to derive either biofuels or value added materials from biomass

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Country Type Number Dated Case
United States Of America Issued Patent 7,829,732 11/09/2010 2008-516


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  • Mascal, Mark J.

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